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Lace Cape Shrug

How to make a simple Cape Shrug

This is a super easy pattern for a very handy Capelet, Shrug or Poncho. I found this black stretch lace with a ‘ribbon type’ selvedge a couple of weeks ago…. perfect!  No paper pattern needed ….  just a tape measure!   The full width of the fabric is 140cm and I bought 60cm ( at $9 per metre ….that’s a very inexpensive addition to my wardrobe )


First step was to finish the fabric edge, top and bottom. Sometimes I just do a rolled hem on the overlocker but for this shrug I turned the edge over once, then again and machine stitched in place.

I then folded the ‘scarf like’ length almost in half … I like to offset the front  and back a little as the next photo shows


For the neck line …measure approx. 40cm ( 16″ ) from the fold.    Join the top edge for 10cm (4″ ) to form the left shoulder.  I have added 3 buttons to finish this side.

Voila! … the Capulet Shrug is finished, ready to wear at a jaunty angle allowing soft folds to form on the right shoulder and draped neckline.



This pattern really works best in soft fabrics that have some stretch to them …. as with this fine wool knit where I have added extra detail with a front pleat and buttons


You can adjust the length and width of fabric to suit you. I am 5’6″ tall and medium build. You can also experiment with a long scarf to get a similar effect and simply pin at the shoulder. Create and wear with flair, and you will add glam and elegance to your style!

You may like to see a fuller Poncho Cape Wrap that I have in my Garnetfleuri Etsy shop




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