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How to make a twisted cord

For embroiderers, quilters, crafters, and stitchers … learn to make a twisted cord that will give a professional finish to your projects.

There are a number of online demonstrations on how to do this …… I particularly like the National Quilters Circle

However, I would like to share my method with you and the couple of essential tools that I use to make it much easier and more reliable. This is also a reference for those who have purchased Garnetfleuri PDF patterns which use cords ….see my Etsy shop

Firstly take your length of yarn …. you need approximately two and a half – three times the finished length.

Tie a loop at each end .. or if you are using several strands then knot each end.


Place one end on a hook and at the other, attach a ‘floss winder’ ( available at craft / embroidery shops )  that has been modified by removing the lug to insert a small hook.


Hold the cord tightly and wind until it has a good amount of tension …. you can check this by slackening your grip to see if it crinkles a little. Too little and it will not twist up well … too much and the yarn may break.

When done, use a cord weight in the middle and bring the 2 ends together. Be sure to knot them so it does not unravel.

IMG_3968 (1).jpg



Done …. now you are set to make all sorts and lengths of cord in this gentle manner for any project you tackle.


You can easily make your own cord weight using a lead sinker ( from fishing tackle supplier )  Screw a hook  into the hole at the top. Wrap in some quilters batting and make a small bag to secure it in.




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