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How can you make someones life better today?

This morning I received a lovely card with beautiful thoughts from a dear friend.

She has been suffering stoically with illness for many years now ….but as with other close friends and family who have endured illness and poor health,  what has been given to us is such a gift … insight, courage, strength and thankfulness for every good day that we have.

In many chats the message has been reinforced …. we are all responsible for our own decisions and destiny and whilst there is wonderful medical help, choices are ours.

My friend has read and researched her condition, knows her body better than anyone else and has steered a course that has maintained her health much longer than expected by some professionals. She has left no stone unturned in her search for remedy and natural healing.  It takes courage and determination to do this …. and you don’t get second chances.

Take care, dear friends and thank you for your gifts and sharing

IMG_4306.jpgThe girls …. Card artwork by Angie Thomas


In a world possessed by material things and ‘’ focus let me share the following from my handbag!

  • Think more …. twitter less!
  • Respect is a 2 way thing …. the more you respect others the greater blessings will flow to you
  • Being ‘pushy’ will not make the world spin faster!
  • Live each day wisely … you can never have it again
  • Be thankful every day, for every day
  • Plan ten years ahead: live each day
  • We reap what we sow
  • Be the best you can be, never ever stop trying and always compare your achievements to your last best effort
  • Be thorough, be diligent, be hard working, but above all have fun!
  • It is not yours until it is given to you
  • You don’t know what you don’t know!
  • From those to whom much is given much will be required
  • Bees and lady birds are 2 of my favourite friends in the garden
  • Plump Parsley seeds hang on dry stalks which were once beautiful flowers which came from a lush plant that grew from a single seed.   What is your goal in life?



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