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Papadelle in creamy sauce topped with wood roasted Salmon or Avocado

I have been preparing a recipe of the week to send to my niece who eats mainly vegetarian cuisine ….. Like many of my basic recipes ….this one has options including substituting a creamy dip for the roux sauce …. How easy does it get!

This is a great wholemeal spelt Papadelle … but you could use any similar


Seasonal veg
Spelt flour or plain flour
Wood Roasted Huon Salmon or Avocado


Prep seasonal veg … I used Asparagus, snow peas, capsicum, and a handful of spinach greens and garlic chives from the garden
( lightly cook other veg if necessary )
Cook up about 100 – 150gms Papadelle ….Drain
In same saucepan …Make a roux sauce … or use a purchased creamy dip instead
Melt about 1-2 tablespoons butter
Add  1/4 cup  spelt flour and cook lightly
Take off the burner let cool slightly then add 3/4 – 1 cup milk, a little at a time to mix and tasty cheese
Cook over medium heat stirring until it thickens …. add more milk if necessary to make a just runny texture

Add cooked Papadelle and the veg …. and heat ( add a little water if necessary to stop it sticking to the bottom )

Serve … topped with wood Roasted Salmon or Avocado and chives and grind of pepper



( If you are using this Roasted Salmon … no need to add extra salt )



2 thoughts on “Papadelle in creamy sauce topped with wood roasted Salmon or Avocado

  1. Sounds absolutely delicious and definitely one to put on the menu! I was considering a diet soon – oh well – that can be delayed I guess !!


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