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Red Kraut …. the best Sauerkraut ever!

For all of us, gut health is so important … that’s why this easily fermented red cabbage Sauerkraut is such a great natural probiotic. The same process can be used for many vegetables in order to build  optimal digestion which also aids our immune systems. Cabbage has been a traditional starter for Lacto Fermentation ….… Continue reading Red Kraut …. the best Sauerkraut ever!

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Yummy Cheese and Leek Tart ….and its Gluten Free!

  Strong Complex Wheat has been a problem for me for quite some time and recently I have had to eliminate spelt from my diet  ….. So that leaves me with all things Gluten Free. Rather than lament the baked goodies I have made and enjoyed over the years I have decided to embrace my… Continue reading Yummy Cheese and Leek Tart ….and its Gluten Free!

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Snug Throw with Bling Trim


Chadstone yesterday, I went in search of a new throw for the couch …. I wanted grey / charcoal as I am often wearing dark clothes and don’t want a pale lint around.

The 1st homewares shop I went into I spied this cuddly soft throw …. but oh! … the edge binding was so cheap and nasty that I looked further. Nothing else jumped out at me so back I went to purchase this throw for a princely sum of $30 after all discounts! … a great buy and hopefully I would have some remnant at home to do a new edge.


My big stash of fabric yielded a ‘bling’ oyster grey piece that was just enough  …. 3 x 1.5m lengths and I would have to join a 4th ….. easy! …Each strip 4″ wide and then I set to work, first to press a seam allowance on one side …. the other I attached to the underside of the throw in from the existing edge strip.



Once stitched, the edge strip was turned over to the front, covering the old one and top stitched down


I didn’t have enough fabric to do ‘mitred’ or ‘log cabin’ corners so the shorter sides were left til last with the ends pressed in and top stitched in place





All finished and now ready for some cosy winter nights …. with a good book or another felted ‘noddy house’ cottage to stitch!

IMG_0917 2.jpg



I have used a similar technique to finish Quilts and Baby blankets

A few small pieces remain of my remnant stash …. but this will be tucked away for some small project … or maybe some Etsy finishing for my shop ……  Garnet Fleuri



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Making Preserves the Old Fashioned Way

Making mouth watering marmalade or plum or apricot jam from your own home grown fruit is an art that I have practised for decades. There are a number of tricks and tips that I will share with you but if you are new to this process then start with something very reliable like grapefruit marmalade.… Continue reading Making Preserves the Old Fashioned Way

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Sunday in Canterbury

I just love Autumn and strolling through leafy streets drinking in the colour and shapes of seasonal change. Yesterday was the perfect day! These photos really do say it all Look closer and you will see micro delights as well as large sculptural frames revealed as the leaves fall Beautiful Sasanqua Camelias … so on… Continue reading Sunday in Canterbury

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Papadelle in creamy sauce topped with wood roasted Salmon or Avocado

I have been preparing a recipe of the week to send to my niece who eats mainly vegetarian cuisine ….. Like many of my basic recipes ….this one has options including substituting a creamy dip for the roux sauce …. How easy does it get! This is a great wholemeal spelt Papadelle … but you… Continue reading Papadelle in creamy sauce topped with wood roasted Salmon or Avocado

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Scottish Wanderlust….Falls, Gardens, & Lakeside

Our Scottish Wanderlust continues….. Journeying south from Perthshire, visual treats unfold as we took the path beside Loch Lomond to the West Coast of Ayreshire. Beautiful Killin falls … a ‘must stop’ photo opportunity with morning mist hanging over the craggy rocks. Lakeside stops … & shores of Loch Lomond Driving through picturesque landscapes affords… Continue reading Scottish Wanderlust….Falls, Gardens, & Lakeside