Edinburgh Wanderlust


Scotland has always been on my wanderlust radar and this time last year I researched and planned a Scottish/UK adventure. Etihad was due to begin direct flights to Edinburgh from Abu Dhabi …. This suited perfectly, as I try to plan with minimum connections for such a long journey.

Packed and ready to go in September … weather forecasts a little chilly … but that’s the way I like it. I always have a few wraps or shrugs packed for the flight and for instant warmth on the journey

We arrived at Edinburgh International and quickly jumped on the tram to the New Town. It was swift, direct and easy to manage … with baggage as well  ( even had Wifi! ). Staff helpful and chatty….. that’s what we found in Ed … everyone was friendly and welcoming.   Disembarking at the terminus it was a very short walk to our pre booked *accommodation ….. this was one  of the  best self cater apartments I have stayed in and Alex was so easy to deal with ….well organized and happy for us to take up residence as soon as the apartment was ready. Very clean and comfortable, thoughtfully equipped and this great location allowed us to walk everywhere.


Out and about …

I like to regard myself as an independent traveller and avoid tourist crowds where possible however,  it is essential to walk the Royal mile to the Castle, if nothing else for the views alone. Along the way there are many tourist magnets like the old Tartan Weaving Mill which still has a  working display. Dovecot Tapestry Studios is a ‘must visit’ for thread people like me. Galleries and Historic Houses are well documented so join me as I share some of our 3 day Edinburgh wander.

Royal MileIMG_2583.jpg




Taking a map photo to orient us   ….. each day a different direction with cameras charged!IMG_2575 (2).jpg

St GilesIMG_2598.jpg

IMG_0168 (1).jpg

Jenners Department Store … central shopping areaIMG_2558.jpg

Georgian Terrace rows in the New TownIMG_2609.jpg


A visit to the Botanical Gardens then on to Stockbridge Colonies development. Lunch at a lovely local eatery Earthy at Canonmills Bridge

Royal Botanical GardensIMG_2631.jpg



Waters of Leith ….. a ‘not to be missed’ trailIMG_2643.jpg


Queensferry Rd Overpass  nr Bells Brae and Dean Village & gardensIMG_2644.jpg

Inner area CottagesIMG_2638.jpg

Back Lane MewsIMG_2612.jpg 

We love to explore the lanes and ‘sigh’ for a residence in Howe St, Moray Place, Royal Circus or Heriot Row with a ‘residents only’ garden gate!



How many Chimney pots make you important!IMG_2613.jpg


Join me as we continue our journey through Scotland and UK… next post… Kingdom of Fife

IMG_0327 (1).jpg

*I am always cautious, cross check  and research well ahead if I am booking on line. I never extend myself more than I can afford to loose. So far this strategy has worked well and there have been some particularly good finds. Some though, look great online but the owners should stay in their own places from time to time to really appreciate some of the shortcomings of their own listings


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Wanderlust

  1. I can’t believe I’ve never been to Scotland! Nice to read about your three day trip and good to see that there are plenty of indoor things to do in case the weather isn’t great!! 🙂


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