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How to Hang a Wall Quilt

IMG_0468.jpgThis is perhaps my favourite method ( no 3 ) where the rod is well above the quilt …. but in this case I was able to find studs wider than the quilt


Firstly make sure your quilt has a sleeve attached to the back … there are a number of ways this can be done ….check ‘crafty’ websites for directions.

I have found the most straightforward methods of hanging a Quilt are to:

  1. Use a curtain rod in the sleeve at the back of the quilt and support it each end by attaching supplied *brackets either side of the quilt


  1. Mount 2 coat *hooks above the quilt (2-4” wider than the actual quilt ) as in the diagram and use fabric hanging loops to secure … this means some adjustment can be made to the length of the loops.


  1. Mount 2 coat hooks above the quilt where you have wall studs ( this method works well when you do not have studs just at the outside point for either method 1 or 2 above ) Place a rod between the hooks.

Insert a 2nd piece of wood in the sleeve extending to approx 1 – 2” beyond the width of the quilt on both sides. ( I like to use a flat strip approx 1 ½ – 2” deep x 1/4” thick


*Note that brackets or coat hooks should be mounted where there are wall studs in order to support a heavy quilt and not damage your walls.

The rods and wood can be finished or covered with fabric if desired. I like to use Coat hooks that are discreet ( check that the cups are the right size for the curtain rods )   It is fun to search for interesting hooks or source antique ones.

  • To decide the actual placement of the quilt … try to pitch the centre at approximately ‘eye level’ …then measure from there.
  • I use sticky notes on the wall to help guide placement and measurements.

Always measure twice ( or 3 or 4 times ) … drill once!

IMG_0469.jpgMethod 2:   This rod is a little long but I quite liked decorating the ends with a couple of pretty serviette rings 

  • Hanging Loops … approx. finished size 22” ( 11” ) x 4 ½” wide

I use a fabric strip 10” wide x 25” long … sew ½” seam, ‘bag out’ overlap ends and top stitch together.


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